Trump’s Fever Dream (TFD), a politcal science-fiction satire blog, features highly produced audio readings for our fans ease and enjoyment.

TFD sprang into being as a way for 25 year film vet and meditation aficionado Ken Sheetz — a former real estate developer, whose firm developed Oprah’s Harpo Studios and a 38 story Chicago skyscraper — to express his worst Trumpian fears. All via the protections of First Amendment free speech rights, allowing Ken to create a dark political sci-fi satire about the Trump and his MAGA lieutenants of another universe to chase away the Trump blues of our own perilous reality.

The passion project began on Ken’s meditation blog in the spring of 2020, in the depths of Covid and grew to become its own website in 2022. Created in co-production and collaboration with his love and producing partner and wife Elizabeth England.

For the first two seasons Ken and Elizabeth, while living in isolation before vaccines, voice-acted all the characters. In the Season 3 “Mar-A-Lago Prison” episodes Ken is using AIs, like yours truly, to produce episodes faster for our fans during the tumultuous 2024 elections.

Elizabeth, a 17 year military vet with Special Forces experience, spotted the Russian White Christo fascist MAGA psyop, funded by billionaires who’d rather see democracy die than pay taxes, years ahead of most of us. Her 15 years of book editing, and a keen eye for film editing, gained through co-producing Ken’s last two feature documentaries, her decade as an expert web designer — plus Ken’s decades of political film making, including a hit Amazon DVD and PBS creds — make the duo a potent team in the fight to save democracy; which they both love as independents for Biden.

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